Yangzi QIU
PhD student Office: V432 +33 (0)1 64 15 38 56

In 2017, I started my PhD study in HM&Co lab at École des Ponts ParisTech. The topic of my study is “Storm Water Management in Urban Area Based on LID and NBS, with the help of Hydrological Modelling” which supervised by Daniel SCHERTZER, Ioulia TCHIGUIRINSKAIA.

My main research interests concern making use of hydrological modeling to test the sensitivity and uncertainty of LID/NBS in the direction to establish a model-based universal storm water management in urban area. By simulating different single or group of LID practices in different rainfall events to evaluate and quantify their performances.

Graduated with a Master degree in architecture, I studied at the Hunan University in China, Ecole nationale supérieure d’architecture de Nancy in France. I specialized in Architecture and Landscape Architecture, especially focus in Landscape Architecture on urban space, for urban adaptations to global climate change.



2013 Interior Architect (China).


Research Project:

2016-2017 Qiu,Y.,Chen,F., Luo,J. Landscape design of green space in Hunan University Campus.

2016     Qiu,Y.,Chen,F.,Luo,J.,Xia,H. Regulatory planning of Hejiadong,Yongzhou. Hunan, China.[Project number: 2016-1B-45, CN¥ 190000].

2016      Qiu,Y., Nicolas Dépoutot. La Troisième lieu à Maxéville, Nancy, France.

2015     Qiu,Y.,Chen,F.,Luo,J.,Ma,K. Landscape design of the Chiyou Park in Daxiong mountain. Hunan, China. [Project number: 2015-1B-08, CN¥ 860000]

2013-2014 Qiu,Y.,Chen,F., Wen,Q. Architecture and landscape design of Anhua Theater. Hunan, China. [Project number: 2013-1B-11 CN¥ 680000]

2013-2015 Qiu,Y.,Chen,F. Morane,G., Florian,D. Landscape design of Hero Park in Yuntai mountain, Hunan, China. [Project number: 2013-1B-32 CN¥ 180000]

2014      Qiu,Y.,Chen,F.,Guang,D.,Li,G. Environmental renovation of community Suanpanzhou. Hunan, China.

2013-2016 Qiu,Y.,Chen,F. Architecture and landscape design of Meishan Culture Park. Hunan, China.



Qiu,Y.,Chen,F. “Research on Ancestral Hall Stages in Meishan Area: A Case Study of the Lei family’s ancestral hall stage in Changtang Town, Anhua County.” International Conference on Sustainable Energy and Environment Engineering 2016, ISSN 2352-5401: 905-910 2016.

[In press] Qiu,Y.,Chen,F. “A New English-Chinese Art Dictionary” Liaoning Fine Arts Press, Liaoning People’s Press.



Qiu,Y.; Ichiba,A.; Aderson.D. L. N.; Paz, I. S. R.; Eduardo,C. Borges.; Tchiguirinskaia, I.; Schertzer, D. Using a fully distributed rainfall-runoff model Multi-Hydro to evaluating Low Impact Development (LID) and Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) for storm water management in small urban catchments. EGU General Assembly, Wien, 8-14 April 2018.