exTreme and multi-scAle RAiNdrop parIS observatory


In the framework of the Fresnel platform, Ecole des Ponts ParisTech operates 6 optical disdrometers. Such devices are made of a transmitter that generates one or several laser sheet(s) and receiver(s), and compute size and fall velocity hydrometeors.

Two types of devices are tested:

  • The Campbell Scientific PWS100 uses light refracted by the hydrometeors (Ellis et al., 2006; Campbell Scientific Ltd, 2012)
  • The OTT Parsivel2 relies on occluded light (Loffler-Mang and Joss, 2000 for an initial version; Battaglia et al., 2010; OTT, 2014)

In addition, 3D sonic anemometers (ThiesCLIMA, 2013a) and meteorological stations (ThiesCLIMA, 2103b) are operated as well.

Measurement campaigns

The devices were /are used in various measurement campaigns. Daily quicklooks can be accessed through the following calendars:

Data paper

A data paper presenting the disdrometer data base available was published in Earth System Science Data (link), with a sample made available (link).

18/05/2017 –> : HMCO-ENPC X-band radar tower One Parsivel2 is installed on the tower supporting the HMCO-ENPC X-band radar.
14/11/2016 –> : SIRTA observation platform. One PWS100 and two Parisvel2 are installed on the SIRTA observation platform (link : http://sirta.ipsl.polytechnique.fr/)
27/09/2013 –> 10/11/2016 : roof of the ENPC/ENSG Carnot Building One PWS100 and two Parisvel2 were installed on the ENPC campus. HM&Co team would like to warmly thank Serge Botton (from the “Département Positionnement Terrestre et Spatial” of the Ecole National des Sciences Géographiques) for facilitating access to the roof where the disdrometers were installed.
30/08/2021 –> : 3D Sonic anemometer installed on the radar platform


The following projects are acknowledged for financial support:

  • Chair “Hydrology for Resilient Cities” (endowed by Veolia) of Ecole des Ponts ParisTech
  • Ile-de-France – R2DS RadX@IdF
  • EU INTERREG RainGain Project 
  • Climate KIC Blue Green Dream
  • ANR JCJC RW-Turb Project

Tags: fresnel platform, high-resolution rainfall measurement, taranis, weather forecasts, weather observations