Artistic collaboration with Anna Madeleine

Dr. Anna Madeleine Raupach is an Australian artist and Lecturer in Printmedia & Drawing at the Australian National University School of Art & Design. She works across a range of media including augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), drawing, animation, and installation to explore intersections between art, science and technology. Anna was an artist in residence at Cité internationale des arts in November-December 2018 and was working with the HM&Co Lab to research how an artistic interpretation of multifractals may provide an experiential way to engage with complex environmental concepts. Potential outcomes include AR and VR artworks that use rainfall data from the X-band radar at different resolutions to incorporate multiple spatial dimensions.

Anna’s residency was supported by the Art Gallery of NSW and the Ian Potter Cultural Trust. On the left, an example of data models in AR over the Seine, work in progress

Fract’art : a workshop at Exploradôme

A workshop entitled “Fract’art : randomness and geometry for all” was organized by Auguste Gires (HM&Co) in collaboration with the science museum Exploradôme in Vitry in April 2016. It was an open workshop whose target audience was 8-12 years children (and their parents were welcomed!). Randomness, a unfortunately much neglected notion, was introduced within the fractal shapes. The use of random fractals and colour gave an aesthetic aspect to the studied shapes. A user friendly software was created for this workshop so that everyone was able to create its own fractal shape starting from well known simple shapes (triangle, rectangle, segment, circle). After a very short introduction, people were able to plot their own shapes and print them. An exchange during the implementation phase lead to questions on how such shapes are used in geosciences. An evaluation quizz was distributed at the end of the two sessions of this workshop. The scripts used along with a short presentation can be downloaded from here.


Pictures uploaded on Imaggeo

HM&Co members are active on the EGU Imaggeo portal and regularly upload pictures there. Here are some examples (click on them to access the whole image) :




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