You can download from here tools to perform basic fractal and multifractal analysis on 1D (time series) or 2D (maps) fields. Available tools enable users to implement fractal analysis (computation of a fractal dimension through box counting analysis), Trace Moment analysis, Double Trace Moment analysis, spectral analysis as well as the computation of UM parameters and their common derivatives such as maximum observable singularity. In addition some tools to simulate fields are made available. Scripts in two languages are made available.

Matlab scripts

This section is still under construction. Please, check back soon.

Python scripts

Link to download commented Python script. The script is written as a succession of functions each enabling to perform a given (multi)fractal analysis or simulation. Some general information is provided at the beginning along with required citation if it is used. Each function is commented, notably with inputs and outputs described. The final function “test_multifractal_tools ()” shows examples of use and users are invited to start by running it.

Image: © Daniel Schertzer / HM&Co – École des Ponts ParisTech






Tags: multifractals, multiple scales, multiscale