Fresnel multi-scale platform for observation and simulation

Urban hydrology has to be largely revisited because of pressing scientific stakes, technical and socio-technical issues so that managers can access to a new control of water flows and pollutants, with the help of higher resolution data and more sophisticated models and decision Tools. The Fresnel multi-scale observation and modelling platform has been created as part of the Co-Innovation Lab at École des Ponts ParisTech. Fresnel will facilitate synergies between research and innovation, as well as the pursuit of theoretical research, the development of a network of international collaborations, and various aspects of data science.

Few contextual elements emphasise the complexity of scientific and technical issues to overcome to develop a hydrology for resilient cities.
Water management and control are more than ever key issues for our urban systems. Various events remind us quite regularly that our cities are highly vulnerable to extreme weather. Thus, urban flooding remains the most expensive natural disasters in France.
The context is characterised by climate change, which should lead to more frequent extreme climate-related events according to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and the pursuit of urban development. These two drivers are likely to deeply alter the water cycle in urban environment. Thus, the fact that urban areas are largely impervious does not only generate flash floods, but also significantly reduces the recharge of the phreatic tables. Thus adaptation to climate change will require profound socio-technical changes for managers, but also in the regulation, due to the non-stationary climate.

The Fresnel Platform includes the following infrastructures:

  • The X-band dual-polarisation weather radar of École des Ponts ParisTech: Download the leaflet (French)
  • The Taranis Observatory
  • The Blue Green Wave


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