Ra2DW : Radar Rainfall Drop size distribution and Wind

What Ra2DW is about ?

Ra2DW is a international project between the department of civil engineering of Taiwan National University (NTU) and the HM&Co laboratory of Ecole des Ponts ParisTech (ENPC). It relies on the expertise of both teams in measurement and modelling across wide ranges of spatio-temporal scales of rainfall and atmospheric turbulence to improve the quality of weather radar quantitative precipitation estimates at high space-time resolution and their applicability to urban storm water management by addressing two issues:

  • Accounting for drop size distribution variability across scales, and notably the one occurring below radar observation scales
  • Better understanding and quantifying the wind drift effect, i.e. the advection of raindrops are advected during their fall from radar observation elevations to the ground

Ra2DW will open new paths to improve space-time rainfall estimates and nowcasts, a major challenge in a framework of increasing challenges of storm water management in urban areas associated with stronger rainfall extremes and growing urban population.

Outline of the project



Kick-off meeting (05/02/2024) : detailed program and recording here.


The project is funded through the PRCI (for international collaborations) scheme of the French National Research Agency, and the Taiwanese National Science and Technology Council.


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