HM&Co strongly believes in the value of training through research. It is done first at the PhD level, not only for the PhD candidates of HM&Co, but also through workshops either of European projects or of the Doctoral school Science, Engineering and Environment of the Paris-Est University. The academic part being mostly given with the help of the e-learning course “An Introduction to Complex Systems in Environment” developed in the framework of the UNIT foundation (Digital Univerisity of Engineering and Technology). However, HM&Co make also regular internship offers to Master students, including in foreign institutions (e.g., EPFL, ICL), but with a particular focus on masters where it intervenes:

  • Master ParisTech Management and Techniques in Water, Soil and Waste”: steering committee, responsibility for three modules, project follow-up and internship supervision
  • Master International Nuclear Energy: responsibility of the module « Environment and Society »
  • Master Aquatic Systems and Water management: responsibility of three modules and internship supervision
  • Master Eco-Conception: courses on urban hydrology and project follow-up
  • Various environmental metrology courses