This project aims to foster collaboration between HM&Co of ENPC and the Group of  Environmental Research (GEAR) of the Pukyong Korean National University (PKNU) in tropical hydro-meteorology , more precisely to improve the forecasts of the evolution of cyclone intensity with the help of multifractal analysis of radar data and a meso-scale model (CReSS).

Summary of the 2018 activities

These 5 months of the project actually corresponded to an acceleration of the ENPC-PKNU collaboration, with two ENPC missions to PKNU, concluded by a workshop, as well as the submission of a first joint paper to an international journal.

A 3 month mission of Jisun Lee

-development, with the help of GEAR, of a radar database of cyclones Khanun (6-19 / 07/12 ), Bolaven (19-31 / 08/12) and Sanba (11-18 / 09 / 12); S-band radars (range of 360 km, measurement period of 10 minutes).
-multifractal analysis of these data (Trace Moment and Double Trace Moment)
-similar analyses on the results of the Boven simulation using the CReSS model and perform intercomparisons between the multifractal exponents thus determined.

One week mission of Daniel Schertzer

– discussions on the  obtained results and the continuation of the work to be carried out
– advices for PhD theses in progress and related to the project
– discussion on the second year of the project and beyond, especially in view of an intensive period of observation (Taiwan, Japan, USA, Korea) in 2020.

ENPC-PKNU Workshop (29/11/2018)

 Members of both laboratories presented their works related to the project; from remote sensing radar problems to simulations, and to exchange suggestions.

Common publication

The article “Multifractal Analysis of Typhoon Bolaven (2012)” by J. Lee et al. is being revised for the Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climate (American Meteorological Society).

Planed activities


-simulation of Khanun and Sanba cyclones using the CReSS model and to perform their multifractal analysis
-intercomparisons of multifractal radar data and simulations of these cyclones,
– multi-scale calculation of their potential and kinetic energy of the 3 cyclones, search for signals precursor of increased energy


In addition to at least another international publication, the project aims to convene sessions at the Conference of Mathematical Geophysics (CMG, Seoul, 22-26 / 06/20, Korea) and the General Assembly of Asia Oceania Geosciences Society (AOGS, 28 / 06-04 / 07/20 Gangwon, Korea).

Tags: cyclones, international, multifractals