This project aims to foster collaboration between HM&Co of ENPC and the Group of  Environmental Research (GEAR) of the Pukyong Korean National University (PKNU) in tropical hydro-meteorology , more precisely to improve the forecasts of the evolution of cyclone intensity with the help of multifractal analysis of radar data and a meso-scale model (CReSS).


Summary of the 2018-19 activities

These 5 months of the project actually corresponded to an acceleration of the ENPC-PKNU collaboration, with two ENPC missions to PKNU, concluded by a workshop, as well as the submission of a first joint paper to an international journal.

A 3 month mission of Jisun Lee

  • development, with the help of GEAR, of a radar database of cyclones Khanun (6-19 / 07/12 ), Bolaven (19-31 / 08/12) and Sanba (11-18 / 09 / 12); S-band radars (range of 360 km, measurement period of 10 minutes).
  • multifractal analysis of these data (Trace Moment and Double Trace Moment)
  • similar analyses on the results of the Boven simulation using the CReSS model and perform intercomparisons between the multifractal exponents thus determined.

One week mission of Daniel Schertzer

  • discussions on the  obtained results and the continuation of the work to be carried out
  • advices for PhD theses in progress and related to the project
  • discussion on the second year of the project and beyond, especially in view of an intensive period of observation (Taiwan, Japan, USA, Korea) in 2020.

ENPC-PKNU Workshop (29/11/2018)

 Members of both laboratories presented their works related to the project; from remote sensing radar problems to simulations, and to exchange suggestions.


PhD defense of Jisun Lee (15/01/2020)

Common publications

Lee, J., I. Paz, D. Schertzer, D.I. Lee, Tchiguirinskaia, I., (2020). Multifractal Analysis of rainfall rate datasets obtained by radar and numerical model: the case study of Typhoon Bolaven. Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology. DOI: 10.1175/JAMC-D-18-0209.1


Planed activities


  • simulation of Khanun and Sanba cyclones using the CReSS model and to perform their multifractal analysis
  • intercomparisons of multifractal radar data and simulations of these cyclones,
  • multi-scale calculation of their potential and kinetic energy of the 3 cyclones, search for signals precursor of increased energy


In addition to at least another international publication, the project aims to convene sessions at the Conference of Mathematical Geophysics (CMG, Seoul, 22-26 /06/20, Korea) and the General Assembly of Asia Oceania Geosciences Society (AOGS, 28, 06-04 /07/20 Gangwon, Korea).

Tags: cyclones, international, multifractals