The KIC-Climate Blue Green Dream project offers a new, eco-innovative paradigm for the planning, designing, operating and maintaining of urban water systems (blue assets) and urban vegetated areas (green infrastructure) not as separate systems, as it is the case today, but as synergistic network interlinked with urban ecosystem services.

The Blue Green Dream project is harnessing the interactions between urban blue and green systems to provide effective, multifunctional Blue Green Solutions to support urban adaptation to climate change.

The project’s multiple urban benefits include:

  • Enhanced resilience to droughts & floods
  • Reduced water, air and noise pollution
  • Mitigation of the urban heat island effect
  • Increased amenity, human health & well being
  • Reduced operational costs (lower energy & water bills)
  • Enhanced biodiversity & urban agriculture
  • Enhanced aesthetics, liveability and property values
  • Improved governance, reduced socio-economic problems, creation of innovative jobs

The combined effects of climate change and increased urbanisation call for the integrated planning of new cities, and the retrofitting of existing urban areas. This project offers new ways of developing , testing and rolling out solutions, bridging the gap between R&D and wider business development.

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Download the project flyer: English French

Download the flyer “Blue Green Dream en France” (French)

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