RW-Turb : Rainfall Wind Turbine or Turbulence

What RW-Turb is about ?

RW-Turb relies on the expertise of HM&Co in measurement and modelling across wide range of spatio-temporal scales of atmospheric turbulence and rainfall to quantify the impact of the latter on wind power production. This project benefits from an industrial partnership with Boralex, a wind power producer. RW-Turb will open new paths to improve nowcasts of power production, a major challenge in a framework of increasing use of renewable energies in France and Europe.

Outline of the project

Download the leaflet of the project.

RW-Turb high resolution measurement campaign

The RW-Turb high resolution measurement campaign started on December 2020, when six instruments were installed on a meteorological mast on the wind farm of Pays d’Othe operated by Boralex (see map for location). More precisely a 3D sonic anemometer (Thies CLIMA), a mini meteorological station (Thies CLIMA) and a disdrometer (OTT), giving access to size and velocity of hydrometeors falling through its sampling area, were installed at roughly 80 m high. The same setting was repeated at 45 m.
Link to quicklooks of collected meteorological raw data at a degraded resolution of 1 min (for clarity) can be found . Index 1 and 2 correspond to instruments at 80 m and 45 m respectively.


Kick-off meeting (31/03/2021) : detailed program and recording here


The project is funded through the JCJC (for young scientist) scheme of the French National Research Agency.

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