Xin LI


I join the HM&Co lab at Ecole des Ponts Paris Tech at April 2019 after obtaining bachelor and master diplomas in Elemental Mathematics. My Phd research subject is “Analysis and simulations of extremely variable vector fields”, which is supervised by HDR Daniel SCHERTZER from HM&Co and HDR Yelva ROUSTAN from CEREA, and the co-direction of Ioulia TCHIGUIRINSKAIA from HM&Co.

The research focuses on the extension to the vector case of multifractal analysis techniques and obtaining some empirically based choices enhancing simulations and stochastic short term forecasts.


Skill Certificates:

Second-level Certificate for National Computer  (China)

Teacher Certification (China)


Academic experience:

“Data Analysis and Data Mining”Graduate Summer School in Shanxi, China

National Post-Graduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling (china)



ZHOU,F., LI,X., FANG,S. The Generalized Commutativity Degree of Some Metacyclic p-group, Journal of Taiyuan Normal Univeristy, 2017, 16(2).

LI,X., ZHOU,F.. The Generalized Commutativity Degree of 4-letters Symmetric Group S4, Pure Mathematics, 2017,7(3), 163-167.

FANG,S,, LI,X., ZHOU,F. The Number of Hall π-Subgroups of a π-Separable Group, Pure Mathematics, 2016,6(3), 162-165.