Pierre-Antoine VERSINI

I am Doctor-Engineer in hydrology and have expertise in urban hydrology, impacts of Blue Green Solutions (BGS), flood forecasting, and climate change. In details my fields of investigation are the following:

  • Impact of blue and green infrastructures (BGI): (i) monitoring and multi-scale modeling, (ii) assessment of BGI ecosystemic performances, (iii) potential dissemination of BGI at large scales.
  • Flood prevention and forecasting: (i) limitation of hydrological risks (flooding and combined sewage overflow) by the implantation of BGI, (ii) improving the anticipation by monitoring (observations and radar rainfall forecast) and rainfall-runoff modeling
  • Impact of climate change: (i) climate scenarios adapted to impact studies by using downscaling techniques, (ii) impacts of climate change on environmental risks (quantity of water resources, frequency of floods), and (iii) mitigation by blue and green infrastructures


I made my PhD in IFSTTAR (Nantes) on flash floods forecasting as part of the IMPRINTS project (FP7) and I defended it at Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées (ENPC) in 2007.

From 2008 and 2012, I worked at the Research Center in Applied Hydrology (CRAHI-UPC). There I participated to several European and National projects focused on different hydrological phenomena related to the Mediterranean context: flash flood and debris flow forecasting (IMPRINTS, FP7), global change impacts on water resources (WATERCHANGE, Life +), characterization of snow pack using remote sensed data (AGORA), or reconstruction of historical precipitation based on radar fields (ARCON).

Back at ENPC, I have recently participated in several projects related to BGS topics: Blue Green Dream, TVGEP and TERRACES. I am currently co-supervising one PhD devoted to the high resolution monitoring and modelling of hydrological fluxes in green roof. For this purpose we are implementing a large scale monitoring on the large (1 ha) Green Wave located in front of ENPC.


  • Statistical hydrology (Master SAGE): estimation of flood occurrences, critical analysis of observed data, adjustment of theoretical laws by classical and bayesian approaches, assessment of rare floods and determination of confidence intervals
  • Dynamic modeling in urban hydrology (Master GTESD): rainfall-runoff modeling, design of retention infrastructures, assessment of the stormwater network performances and impacts
  • Urban hydrology in the “Eco-design of sustainable cities” Master project : theoretical basis of hydrological modeling, use of Multi-Hydro rainfall-runoff platform to simulate the hydrological response of a new urban develoment project, impacts of blue and green infrastructures
  • Creation of Blue Green Dream course materials promoting the use of blue and green infrastructures in urban development projects: legislation, type of infrastructures, hydrologic performances, thermal energy performances, presentation of case studies, modeling tools …



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