Linghui  LI

I have started my PhD study in HM&Co lab at École des Ponts ParisTech on October 6th 2020, The topic of my project is “Using multifractal techniques to upscale the photocatalyst environmental applications” which supervised by Daniel SCHERTZER, Ioulia TCHIGUIRINSKAIA.

Graduated with a Master degree in Geology, I studied at the Peking University in China. My major was Geomaterials and Environmental Mineralogy. The specific direction was investigating the photocatalytic propertis of semiconductor minerals to degrade environment pollution.

Research Project:
National natural science foundation of China (No. 41872042) 03/2018- 07/2020
Main Responsibility: Write part of the project application, make a summary and prepare paper

National natural science foundation of China outstanding youth science foundation
Natural semiconductor minerals solar catalytic effect (No.41820104003) 01/2016-12/2018
Main Responsibility: Search literature, design and carry out experiment

Linghui Li, Yan Li*, Yanzhang Li, Anhuai Lu, Hongrui Ding, Po Keung Wong, Hongli Sun and Junxian Shi. 2019. Natural wolframite as a novel visible-light photocatalyst towards organics degradation and bacterial inactivation. Catalysis today. doi:

Linghui Li, Yan Li, Yanzhang Li, et al. Experimental study on the photocatalytic activity of
natural wolframite under natural light. Earth Science Frontiers, 2019, 26(4): 287-294.